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Networks and PCs repaired, no blood sacrifice required.

About Us

When Should I Call?

Whether you think your systems may be: 

    a) POSSESSED by badly installed software,  

    b) HEXED by an Internet virus,

    c) CURSED with perpetual errors, or  

    d) ALL of the above  

then call The Computer Witch Doctor! I’ll remove those hexes, curses, and possessions, no blood sacrifice required!  

List of Services

  Servers and Networking  

· Network design and implementation (including wiring, hardware integration, and software installation) 

· Email integration 

· Internet connection/configuration 

· Telecommunications negotiations 

· Data Backup planning / configuration 

· Firewall / Switch management 

· Cloud migration and management   

PC Setup and Maintenance 

· New PC setup and configuration 

· PC Cleanup and maintenance 

· Email configuration 

· Internet connection/configuration 

· Data backup planning / configuration   


· Problem determination and resolution 

· Hardware and Software errors 

· Connectivity issues   

Hardware / Software Training  

· Microsoft Office Suite 

· Microsoft Workstation and Server Operating Systems (Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012) 

· Productivity Software (Email servers, Database servers, Anti-Virus) 

· Email / Internet usage 

· Basic PC operations    

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The Computer Witch Doctor

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